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Compound Machine

HY-2001Strachthe bination machine

产品类别:Product  发布时间:2011/6/2 16:31:22

Use:The surface fabric used in the clothing trade mainly compounds, is especially suitable for the complex of slim surface fabric and temperature sensing higher surface fabric.
CHARACTERISTICS:Adopt thick liquid is it transfer technology to order , modulate good thick liquid material the cloth will be had on transfering to evenly, through is it bake to bake over a slow fire, carry on hot to is it make some glue melted to melt permeate certain depth to fabric to compound, make two fabric is it mix together to glue , use different thick liquid is it can is it compound surface fabric feel kind separately to make to expect, able to bear water-washing, the sand is washed, the advantage that dry-clean ,etc. or possessing above-mentioned advantages at the same time .

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